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Update your City Water Service from Lead Pipe to ¾” copper line.

o Stop the unhealthy leaching of lead from your water service from the road to your house.
o Increase the water pressure to your home allowing you to use two services at the same time without the drop in pressure caused by a smaller water service line (normally smaller than 1/2'” lead or alloy mix.)

o City Funding Assistance
The City of Hamilton has initiated a funding assistance program. It enables eligible property owners of residential dwellings that meet the Lead Water Service Replacement Program Guidelines to access a 10-year interest bearing loan for the replacement of lead water private services. The loan is transferred to the property owner’s tax roll with annual payments due on the final tax installment due dates.
For more information on the replacement program including how to obtain a Low Pressure Investigation appointment and a Low Pressure Permit go to the City of Hamilton web site: and browse to the Water & Wastewater Dept. or call 905-546-CITY (2489) or Water Wastewater Customer Service at 905-546-4426
Other things we do:
• Wet Basement Foundation Repairs, Weeping tile and sealing
• Drainage systems including sewer line change out
• Landscaping (Finish grading & Slope grading, surface prep. for sod or other coverings
• Heavy material placement like boulders and trees
•Driveways and Entrance roads, Sidewalk / Driveway replacement. (brake-out, excavation)
• Basement / Foundation / Pool / Pond Excavation
• Auger work for Fence Posts, Bollards, Footings, and Tree planting (any depth)
• On-site cement mixing for posts and sona tube footings

Fully Insured and a licensed City of Hamilton Drain Repair Contractor

What we can do to help you:

  • New Water Line lateral installation
  • Water Line Change outs (Lead pipe to Copper pipe or Low Pressure)
  • New Sewer Line lateral installation
  • Sewer line Repairs & replacement
  • Backflow Valves & Lateral Clean-outs installation
  • Concrete Demoltion, Breaking & Removal
  • Foundation repair / Water Proofing / Weeping tile excavation
  • Ditch Maintenance / Culvert replacement
  • Brush Cutting, Mulch Bush & Trees
  • Custom Grading and landscaping
  • Basement / Foundation / Pool / Pond Excavation
  • Utilities / Services and Drainage system trenching
  • Landscaping (Retaining wall, Slope grading, Surface prep, Heavy material placement)
  • Bollards, Footings, Light Stands, Sign Posts and Tree planting Up to 36” Dia. (up to 18’ depth)
  • Emergency Recovery work (Remove stuck / buried equipment)

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