Gradall’s Excavators are not just for ditching, in many cases a Gradall can outperform any job a backhoe, excavator or derrick can do plus fine grade work as well. We get to the job quickly, great for multi-site jobs. The High Speed Hydraulic system easily out performs equipment in its weight class
No road damage due to grouser, bucket or stabilizer use required by conventional excavators or backhoes

What we can do to help you complete jobs:

  • Rural Road Ditch Maintenance / Culvert replacement
  • Guardrail cleanout / shoulder prep and maintenance
  • Guardrail Installation
  • Brush Cutting, Mulch Bush & Trees
  • New Water Line lateral installation
  • Water Line Change outs (Lead pipe to Copper pipe or Low Pressure)
  • New Sewer Line lateral installation
  • Sewer line Repairs & replacement
  • Backflow Valves & Lateral Clean-outs installation
  • Concrete Demoltion, Breaking & Removal
  • Foundation repair / Water Proofing / Weeping tile excavation
  • Custom Grading and landscaping
  • Basement / Foundation / Pool / Pond Excavation
  • Utilities / Services and Drainage system trenching
  • Landscaping (Retaining wall, Slope grading, Surface prep, Heavy material placement)
  • Bollards, Footings, Light Stands, Sign Posts and Tree planting Up to 36” Dia. (up to 18’ depth)
  • Emergency Recovery work (Spill clean-up, Excavation)
  • TV / Movie Set prep work and Equipment with Operator rental

Reduce your manual Labour costs by reducing the hand work required on a job site

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