Mechanical Brush Cutting

  • Reach up to 30' clearing all branches so trucks, graders and buses do not hit hanging brush on those real tight roads(1 and 1.5 lane roads)
  • Square the road up as high as 15' and to fence lines unless specified by customer
  • Branches are just as important as the underbrush when right of way is obstructed.
  • When we cut the brush out of the ditch we mulch up 87% distributing the debris back into ditch mulched.
  • We do not fill the ditches with large brush debris. When the rotary cuts, where it falls it stays, filling ditches just causes drainage problems.
  • Cuts the tree branches off neat and tidy like a saw cut.
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Mulch Bush & Trees
  • Forestry Thinning
  • Powerline Right of ways

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Wayne Blackburn Brush Cutting in Central and Northern Ontario

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